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Jeff Alexander +500.0
Lee Williams +400.0
Brandon Shively +400.0
Chip Chirimbes +400.0
Chase Diamond +300.0
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Andre Ramirez +1466.0
Chase Diamond +1002.0
Jordan Haimowitz +820.0
Zack Cimini +771.0
Chip Chirimbes +764.0
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Mr. East +2969.0
Rocky Sheridan +2774.0
Chip Chirimbes +2727.0
Miguel DaSilva +2475.0
Zack Cimini +2473.0
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Rocky Sheridan +9060.0
GamePlan +6327.0
Don Anthony +6101.0
R&R Totals +5413.0
Marc Lyle +4650.0
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Chip Chirimbes +1932.0
TJ Pemberton +1284.0
Black Widow +1122.0
Zack Cimini +1114.0
Chase Diamond +1079.0
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Heath Mac +1191.0
Bob Harvey +1060.0
Rob Williamson +872.0
Tony Stoffo +760.0
Steve Janus +752.0
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Zack Cimini +1506.0
Teddy Covers +1384.0
Bryan Power +1246.0
Carolina Sports +1229.0
Timothy Black +1141.0
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Rocky Sheridan +3928.0
Carolina Sports +1966.0
Bill Biles +1816.0
Will Rogers +1781.0
GamePlan +1761.0
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GamePlan +7028.0
Bobby Conn +4380.0
Info Plays +4216.0
R&R Totals +3735.0
Bill O'Brien +3447.0
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Lee Williams +850.0
Boomtown Sports +668.0
Will Rogers +650.0
Jimmy Boyd +589.0
John Ryan +588.0
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Sean Higgs +1854.0
Bob Harvey +1776.0
Johnny Banks +1338.0
Andre Ramirez +850.0
Patrick Webb +779.0
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Zack Cimini +3928.0
Rocky Sheridan +2848.0
Chip Chirimbes +2551.0
Steve Rich +2512.0
ASA +1884.0

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Written by Bill OBrien

This game features the 8-4 Western Michigan at the 9-4 Akron. These teams are very much equal on both sides that why I am scratching my head over Western Michigan getting 5 here. The public is 50/50 on this matchup but after making a few calls to my offshore contacts both guys were riding Western Michigan large tonight. Take the points and Western Michigan for a 15* winner.  Read More →

Written by Bill OBrien

This game has the 8-2 Eastern Michigan at the 5-5 Missouri State. This game might have fell under the radar for some cappers but for me there is a clear cut easy winner here. Ya Eastern Michigan is 8-2 and I’m sure the public will see that and go big looking at public betting we are seeing 55% jumping on the road Eastern Michigan but this line has shifted the other way showing us the sharps are backing Missouri State here. Eastern Michigan’s key players have been struggling recently and I expect the same today.... 

Written by Bill OBrien

This game has the 7-1 Utah at the 7-1 Kansas. Both teams have won 6 straight games but I think Kansas will take Utah lightly tonight they are a very good older squad that will give Kansas a run for their money and getting plus points here is a gift. Utah had a huge win over Wichita State 12/3 and beat BYU on the road and is hot at the right time. Only 22% of the public are backing the road Utah team here and after speaking to my 3 best insiders in Vegas all 3 are going huge on Utah and so will we plus the points for a 15*... 

Written by Bill OBrien

This game has the 5-7 Rams and the 3-9 Redskins. both of these teams are out of the playoff picture but the Rams have looked great at times beating teams like the Broncos but then not showing up for other games. Redskins have been awful why would anyone bet them? Well that’s when you want to back them when no one else wants to. Washington has been competitive losing alot of close games. Colt Mccoy has been good and I think you will see a motivated Redskins team today. NFL Home dogs since 1987 are a money making 86-42... 

Written by Bill OBrien
World Baseball Classic

This game has the 6-4 Browns at the 4-6 Falcons. Here again this is a must win game for Atlanta who wants to stay in first place in their division and is a really tough team to play at home where they beat the Saints and Miami two tough teams. Public is on the Falcons here but I think that’s the easy call here as I don’t see the Browns keeping up with the Falcons high tempo. Take the Falcons and lay the field goal for a 15* winner.  Read More →